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»Donner-stage« The Real Mc’Oys am Donnerstag, 5. Oktober

Unorthodox Fiddle Music

20:30 | Freier Eintritt (Kollekte)

The Real Mc‘Oys is a father and son fiddler duo. They play world music and just about any genre or tune
that they like and care to arrange. Their unorthodox fiddle music from the dark side of the moon has
been brewed in the barrels of travel, bohemian life and international adventure. You can feel the miles
and leagues behind their playing and singing. If you haven‘t seen them before, fasten your seat belt and
get ready to take off as they take you on a journey to exotic places where the fiddle is king. Once you
watch their show you‘ll never forget them.

Schaut schonmal rein :)