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»DONNER-STAGE« Tja am Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2023

20:30 UHR


Mattia, better known by his artistic name Tja, was born in Turin in 1994 and discovered his love for music at a young age. Although he plays many instruments, including drums, and piano, he is today traveling with the guitar and his true favorite instrument among all, his voice.
Back in the days, Tja has released that he was sound. After almost a decade without having left his hometown, Mattia’s music is ready to departure and find its place in the world.

With a soulful voice, deep and resonating lyrics, Tja has a long way to go. Whether he is performing on stage or in the studio, Tja’s commitment to his craft is delighting.
The north star of a journey.
As a true artist of the world of sounds, Tja is permanently chasing exactly that, the truest and most himself sound he is meant to be.

An exploration that has long started, truly, lies today at its very beginning. So far, Tja has been unfolding its relationship with a handful of musical styles. Tja writes and performs his songs, letting loose into a free flow, thus allowing the artistry appears.
No matter what road he is taking, music is destined to meet him halfway and that is his current mission, to walk the path, playing both solo, with a band or in new collaborations.

The Tour, a beginning with no end.

With date March 2nd, Tja has departed from Turin, Italy with no destination but to meet his music halfway.
During the upcoming months, Tja will be on the road with his partner, music instruments and the van that allows him to have the necessary freedom his project has been waiting for.

Without a deadline to work for, Tja’s main goal is to play in as many places as possible. To be there with his inner sound and get his name better known by an audience out there, open for his music to be a part of their world.